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Susan Weintrob
Susan Weintrob, our Foodie Lit writer, is a food blogger and reviewer on her website, Susan grew up around food and its prep. Her father owned a deli and catering business, which taught her the key components of the industry. "Writing food blogs is an amazing opportunity. Cooking and talking about food is simply fun and takes me back to memories of my Dad."


Author Interview with Steven A. McKay Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion Honorees Wolf's Head The Wolf and the Raven Steven A. McKay was born in 1977, near Glasgow in Scotland. He lives in Old Kilpatrick with his wife and two young children.His second book, The Wolf and the Raven was released on April 7th, at the London Book Fair where he was part of the Amazon stand. His début novel, Wolf's Head, was also released the same day as an audiobook.Wolf's Head is a Kindle top 20 best-seller and The Wolf and the Raven was the "War" chart number 1.He plays lead guitar and sings in a heavy metal band when they can find the time to meet up. Read the full interview with Steven A. McKay at: Layered pages    

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Successio-Alison Morton

  Author Interview with Alison Morton Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Inception           Perfiditas             Successio Alison Morton writes Roman-themed alternate history thrillers with strong heroines. She gained a BA in French, German and Economics and thirty years later went back and bagged a masters' in history (with distinction!).A 'Roman nut' since age 11, she has visited sites throughout Europe including the alma mater, Rome. But it was the mosaics at Ampurias (Spain) that started her wondering what a modern Roman society would be like if run by women...Six years in the UK reserve forces (where she rose from private soldier to captain) not only reinforced her sense of common purpose and self-discipline, but provided her with experiences and opportunities no civilian would ever touch. Oh, and travel and fabulous mess evenings.Setting about her novelist education with the persistence of a Roman road builder, she joined the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme, studied with the Arvon Foundation, joined the Historical Novel Society and attended numerous specialist workshops and conferences. Thanks to her independently published book sales figures, she has recently qualified as a full member of the UK's Society of Authors.…

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Author Interview with Marcia Coffey Turnquist Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion HonoreeThe God of Sno Cone Blue Marcia Coffey Turnquist is visiting with me today to talk about her writing. She is an author and journalist, is currently writing her second novel, Skipping the Light. Before venturing into the world of fiction, she spent 12 years as a news broadcaster, working her way back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon and KOIN-TV. Marcia decided to retire from broadcasting to raise the son and daughter who ultimately inspired The God of Sno Cone Blue. Her two children are all but grown now, the youngest just off to college and the other currently studying abroad. Marcia lives with her husband Ed in the soggy-but-green suburbs of Portland. Read the full interview with Marcia at: Layered Pages

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Author Interview with E.E. Giorgi Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Chimeras E.E. grew up in Tuscany, in a house on a hill that I shared with two dogs, two cats, 5 chickens, and the occasional batches of stick insects, newts and toads my dad would bring home from the lab. Today, I'm a scientist and an award-winning author and photographer. I spend my days analyzing HIV data, my evenings chasing sunsets, and my nights pretending I'm somebody else- Read the full interview with E.E.E Giorgi at : Layered Pages

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Author Interview with Mary Ellen Gavin Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Secrets of the Apple Tree Tavern Mary Ellen Gavin was raised between Chicago and Los Angeles. She now resides in Virginia. Her Love of the Arts and Storytelling is prevalent in her family as many members are writers, actors or in the music industry.Mary Ellen works is a Literary Editor, Script Consultant, Contest Judge for and teaches both novel writing and screenwriting. Best of all, she is inspiring to young writers and fun to be around. Read the full interview with MaryEellen at: Layered Pages

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Author Interview with Helen Sedwick Author of the B.R.A.G.M edallion Honoree Coyote Winds Helen Sedwick grew up in a theater family, spending many a vacation helping run a summer stock theater in the Poconos. From her theater years and from reading countless books, she fell in love with the power of the story to make us laugh, learn, love and cry. Her short stories have appeared in bosque magazine and Redwood Writers' anthologies. Her novel COYOTE WINDS earned five-star reviews from ForeWord Reviews and Compulsion Reads and is an IndieBrag Medallion Winner. Helen is also a business attorney. In her latest release SELF-PUBLISHER'S LEGAL HANDBOOK, she uses 30 years of experience to show independent authors how to stay out of court and at their desks, writing their next books. Read the full interview with Helen at: Layered pages  

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Author Interview with Derek Birks Author of B.R.A.G.Medallion Honorees Feud and A Traitor's Fate Derek was born in Hampshire in England but spent his teenage years in Auckland, New Zealand where he still has strong family ties.He misspent his youth at the University of Reading, where he studied history but spent most of his time in the Drama Studio. He could be discovered most afternoons in the university library fast asleep but was always willing to wake up and go for a coffee.For many years he taught history at a secondary school in Berkshire but took early retirement several years ago to concentrate on his writing.Apart from writing, he spends his time gardening, travelling, walking and taking part in archaeological digs at a local Roman villa.Derek is interested in a wide range of historical themes but his particular favourite is the late medieval period. His debut historical novel, Feud, is set in the period of the Wars of the Roses and is the first of a series, Rebels & Brothers. The series follows the fortunes of the fictional Elder family as they struggle to survive a very turbulent period of English history. Derek aims to write action-packed fiction which is rooted in…

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Author Interview with Alan Bray Author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Hour of Parade Alan Bray started writing fiction sixteen years ago and has published a fair number of short stories in literary journals. The Hour of Parade is his first novel. He is currently working on a second, also set in historic time. Alan lives in New Hampshire with his wife and daughter. He has worked as a musician and clinical social worker. Read Alan's interview at Layered Pages  

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   Author Interview With Amber Foxx   Author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Shaman's Blues Amber Foxx writes the mystery series featuring healer and psychic Mae Martin. Amber's professional training and academic studies in various fields of complementary and alternative medicine, as well as her personal experience and travels, bring authenticity to her work. She has worked professionally in theater and dance, fitness, and academia. In her free time she enjoys music, dancing, art, running and yoga. She divides her time between the southeast and the southwest, but Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is home. Read Amber's interview on Layered Pages              

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The indieBRAG Survey Results

AUTHOR SURVEY: PART TWO Thanks for joining us for the second part of our Friday Blog on the indieBRAG Survey-                   Robert In this Blog I will conclude my summary of key findings from the indieBRAG 2014 Author Survey. Type of Social Media Used. Observations: • As in 2013, virtually all of our authors use social media to promote their SP books and this is done across a broad range of social media types. • Having a website, Facebook page and being on Goodreads continue to be the most commonly used types of social media. • The usage of Twitter while still strong at 72%, dropped from 79% a year ago. • The percentage of authors having a Pinterest page jumped dramatically to 49% versus 36% last year. • Conversely, the number of authors who write a blog dropped markedly from 86% last year to 68% this year. Types of Reviews Read Observations: • All respondents say they read book reviews on and over 60% say these reviews can Always or Usually be trusted. • Almost as many authors read reviews on Goodreads but the percentage who trust them is a…

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