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Susan Weintrob
Susan Weintrob, our Foodie Lit writer, is a food blogger and reviewer on her website, Susan grew up around food and its prep. Her father owned a deli and catering business, which taught her the key components of the industry. "Writing food blogs is an amazing opportunity. Cooking and talking about food is simply fun and takes me back to memories of my Dad."


Author Interview with Steven McKay When a frightened young outlaw joins a gang of violent criminals their names – against a backdrop of death, dishonour, brotherhood, and love – will become legend. ENGLAND 1321 AD After viciously assaulting a corrupt but powerful clergyman Robin Hood flees the only home he has ever known in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Becoming a member of a notorious band of outlaws, Hood and his new companions – including John Little and Will Scaflock – hide out in the great forests of Barnsdale, fighting for their very existence as the law hunts them down like animals. When they are betrayed, and their harsh lives become even more unbearable, the band of friends seeks bloody vengeance. Meanwhile, the country is in turmoil, as many of the powerful lords strive to undermine King Edward II's rule until, inevitably, rebellion becomes a reality and the increasingly deadly yeoman outlaw from Wakefield finds his fate bound up with that of a Hospitaller Knight... "Wolf's Head" brings the brutality, injustice and intensity of life in medieval England vividly to life, and marks the beginning of a thrilling new historical fiction series in the style of Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow. Stephanie: Hello,…

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Author interview with M.L. Eaton The wild and haunting Romney Marsh in the South of England It's the beginning of a long hot summer when Hazel Dawkins, a spirited young solicitor, takes maternity leave anticipating a period of tranquillity. Instead, the dreams begin. In them she encounters Annie, a passionate young woman whose romantic and tempestuous life was adventurously lived, more than two centuries previously, in the cottage that Hazel now occupies. As their destinies entwine, Hazel not only confronts a terrifying challenge which parallels history, she finds herself desperately fighting for survival in a cruel and unforgiving age. Even more disturbing is the realisation that her battle will affect the future for those in the past whose fate is, as yet, unwritten. Her only ally is Annie. Together they face events that echo through the centuries, events that are as violent and compelling as they are unexpected. And, as the past collides with the present, the time for the birth of Hazel's child draws ever nearer. Stephanie: Hello Marion! Congrats on the B.R.A.G. Medallion and thank you for chatting with me today. First off, tell me how you discovered indieBRAG. Marion: Hello Stephanie! Thank you very much for taking…

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Foriegn Market for your Work

  Tui Allen, Author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Ripple, shares her experience in entering foreign markets- Why might you want to publish in a foreign language, considering the extra barriers it presents? First of course to increase the size of your market – that's obvious. But it's possible there may be foreign markets which are more receptive to your particular book than the English-language market is. New Zealander Mary Scott, wrote romances set on remote NZ farms, back in the mid-1900s. They did well at home in NZ, but sold even better in translation in Germany. Germany was a bigger market of course, but her authentic tales of a life so different from their own experience, fascinated her German readers. But she had her publishers to arrange it all. What if you are self-published as so many of us are today? I know another author who self-published an excellent novel in English. He wanted the book to reach the German market. The author himself had a fair grip on German, but it was not his native tongue, so he hired a friend, a native German speaker, to translate the book for him. The translation seemed okay as far as he…

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What’s Next?

A Few Tips on Exposure for your Book Self-Publishing is a booming industry and often times it can be a bit overwhelming, but as you know it has its perks as well. Like for instance, being awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion for starters... Now that you have your Medallion, your work has just begun and I can assure you, the B.R.A.G. Team is working hard to get your book noticed as well.Many of you feel stumped as to what to do after being awarded the Medallion and listed below are some tricks of the trade. Before I get started on listing what those tips are, I would like to applaud you all for writing and self-publishing your book(s). It is not always an easy journey and you are a brave soul. Social Media: 1. Help Promote indieBRAG.2. Contact me for an on-line interview. Interviews are great exposure for your book. Once I have  interviewed you, please help spread the word.3. Participate in my Writer's Series.4. Virtual Book Tours.5. Join goodreads6. Join the indieBRAG goodreads group. (Great way to get updates and information and to meet other Medallion Honorees.)7. Tweet about your book.8. Join other reliable book sites.9. Create a Facebook Page/profile…

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Wise Advice from a Blogger/Reviewer!

Jen Warren tells you what a reader wants- Every writer wants to leave a lasting impression. They want to create unforgettable characters, extraordinary worlds, with a storyline that drags the reader in and never lets go. They want, above all, to write a good book. The question is: what makes a book "good?"Every reader has their own preferences. What appeals to one will not appeal to all. The most important thing for any writer to consider is their target audience. Whether you've written an elegant work of literary fiction, or the hottest romance to hit the shelves since Fifty Shades, your readership should play an important role in the decisions you make when finishing and promoting your work.That said, there are – I believe – some basic elements that can help any novel achieve a measure of greatness. 1. Cover. You knew this was coming, didn't you? Yes, the all-important cover can make or break the potential of any story. If it looks thrown together by an amateur, readers WILL be afraid to open it up. A bad cover inspires no confidence in the quality of the work inside.Take a look at the covers of other books in your genre.…

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Author Interview with Daniel Cray     It's an unforgettable sight: innovation expert Maureen Clemmons can lift and "fly" massive stones, some of them weighing sixteen tons, with little more than a steady wind and a good kite. But did the ancient Egyptians do the same thing when hoisting immense pyramid stones? Egyptologists say no. Clemmons, backed by a decade of field tests and a Caltech aeronautics team, isn't so certain– especially when the Egyptologists make it clear they are unwilling to consider evidence from anyone outside their insular field. Buoyed by a tremendous groundswell of grassroots support, Clemmons' stunning, block-heaving experiments generate national news coverage, a History Channel documentary, and a mention in engineering textbooks. Audiences from NASA, the American Institute of Architects, and a multitude of universities gather to hear her compelling presentations. In the span of just a few short years, she successfully advances a simple "Eureka!" moment in her California backyard to the halls of academia, and eventually to Egypt's Giza Plateau, site of the actual pyramids. She also proves an important point: that you don't need a degree, just an inspired idea and some passion, to be a good scientist. Stephanie: Hello, Daniel! Congrats in…

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Author Interview with Alison Vidotto Alison Vidotto is a mother of six, published author, professional speaker, CEO of Vidotto Group, Founder and Managing director of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam, qualified ESL teacher, trainer, and business owner. Alison has a passion for leadership and development, both within herself and in others. Born in England, Alison is one of seven children. When she was 13 Alison's parents moved the family to Melbourne, Australia. At 16 Alison was living and working independently and working full time, but determined to continue her education. Married at 18, Alison had her first child at 21 and sixth at age 34. During that time Alison put herself through night school, completed a tertiary degree and started a number of successful small businesses whilst being a devoted mother to six children, often alone while Lou travelled to site and moving 20 times in 15 years. Alison set up her first small business in 1992 and found many of the same challenges business owners experience today. Having worked through the Australian 1992 recession, the Global Financial Crisis and Brisbane's 2011 floods, Alison has developed a real world understanding of potential hardships businesses face and the…

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Author Interview with Linda Gillard Cauldstane is "A gothic novel in the romantic suspense tradition of Daphne du Maurier & Mary Stewart." When ghostwriter Jenny Ryan is summoned to the Scottish Highlands by Sholto MacNab – retired adventurer and Laird of Cauldstane Castle – she's prepared for travellers' tales, but not the MacNabs' violent and tragic history. Lust, betrayal and murder have blighted family fortunes for generations, together with an ancient curse. As members of the family confide their sins and their secrets, Jenny learns why Cauldstane's uncertain future divides father and sons. But someone resents Jenny's presence. Someone thinks she's getting too close to Alec MacNab – swordsmith, widower and heir to Cauldstane. Someone will stop at nothing until Jenny has been driven away. Or driven mad. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Especially a dead woman. Stephanie: Hello, Linda! Thank you for chatting with me today about your book, Cauldstane and congratulations on the B.R.A.G. Medallion. This book sounds absolutely brilliant and I love a good gothic suspense. I've got your book on my Kindle and will be reading it very soon. Linda: Hi Stephanie! It's good to talk to you again. Stephanie: Lets talk about…

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Author Interview with Cassie Shine Cassie Shine released her debut young adult novel, Harp's Song in November 2013, finally finishing the short story she started in her college creative writing class ... many, many moons ago. She has always been an avid reader and lover of music (yes, she was in the high school marching band). While she has a weak spot for all things teenybopper, especially boy bands, she also loves classical, country, rock and well, pretty much all music. After living in St. Louis for more than ten years, she and her husband packed up a U-Haul and headed west. They currently live in Orange County, CA with their furry kids Finnegan and Molly. Stephanie: Hello, Cassie! Thank you for chatting with me today and congrats on the B.R.A.G. Medallion! What an honor! How did you discover indieBRAG and what has your experience been like with them? Cassie: My friend and publicist extraordinaire sent me information on indieBRAG and suggested I submit Harp's Song. I thought it was a long shot, but submitted it anyway. So, basically ... I owe her, BIG TIME! Stephanie: Please tell me about your book, Harp's Song. Cassie: Harp is a 17-year-old senior…

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Author Interview with Valerie Willman Valerie Willman is the author of Smell the Blue Sky: young, pregnant, and widowed, winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion for Top Indie-Published Books. She co-chairs the Mid-Valley Chapter of Willamette Writers and teaches various workshops on writing, and on grief, such as "Booze and Chocolate Aren't the Only Ways to Cope: Turning negative emotions into art." She's a successful freelance editor through her company, Yellow Pen Editing, and is also a certified bereavement facilitator, and licensed massage therapist. Valerie has served in the United States Army, owns land in Costa Rica, and lives with three big dogs, two kids, and one Turk. She's walked the length of two marathons—on purpose—and loves olives, chai, and chocolate. You can find more about Valerie on her website and on Facebook Stephanie: Hello, Valerie! Thank you for chatting with me today and congrats on the B.R.A.G. Medallion. How did you discover indieBRAG and how has self-publishing worked out for you so far? Valerie: I don't recall exactly how I discovered indieBRAG. I know it was through my extensive research on the internet—looking for how to market my book. You provide a great service to indie-published authors. Thanks! Self (or…

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