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Susan Weintrob, our Foodie Lit writer, is a food blogger and reviewer on her website, Susan grew up around food and its prep. Her father owned a deli and catering business, which taught her the key components of the industry. "Writing food blogs is an amazing opportunity. Cooking and talking about food is simply fun and takes me back to memories of my Dad."

A Great Thriller and Apple Tarts – Oh My!

Jennifer Alderson has created a fast-paced and suspenseful historical novel about art theft In the Netherlands. Two timelines connect the plot. In the contemporary timeline is the feisty Zelda Richardson, intern for an Amsterdam museum’s exhibition of still unclaimed artwork once stolen by the Nazis. Trouble begins when two women claim the same painting.  Zelda and her friend Friedrich become detectives in what becomes a dangerous game worth millions in artwork and a cover-up of murders. During the Nazi occupation timeline, priceless artwork was stolen from Jews, gays, dissidents, and other victims by the Nazi government and too with the assistance of officials and citizens of the occupied countries. Arjan van Heemsvliet is an art dealer trying to protect his artwork from the greed of the Nazis and at the same time, hide his homosexuality, a “crime” that could send him to a concentration camp. Jennifer has pulled together all of this data into an exciting and suspenseful historical novel. Zelda, our modern sleuth, is impulsive, courageous and smart as Sherlock Holmes in sniffing out clues. I immediately liked her!  Jennifer told me, “Zelda’s intellect is driven by her endless curiosity, a deep-seated need to be right, and her naiveté…

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A Thriller & a Burger (Vegan) – Perfect!

  Of Half a Mind                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by Bruce M. Perrin Stanley Milgrom’s famous studies on obedience, prodded by bullying and authority, comes to life in Bruce Perrin’s Of Half a Mind. While both are ostensibly about memory and learning, they are in fact about submission and subservience to authority. Milgrom’s studies, of course, were at Yale with students who went home, disturbed after what they thought they had done. [No one was actually electrically shocked or hurt in any way.] Bruce commented, “Stanley Milgram’s studies in the 1960’s and 1970’s revealed an unexpected…

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Author Janie Dempsey Watts- In Praise of indieBRAG!

Mama taught me not to brag, and when I first started trying to promote my books, I was haunted by her words. Now, the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion does the bragging for me. I explain to potential readers that this award signifies a book is of high quality and is worth their time. While at book events, I often point to the gold seal and explain that a panel of readers from around the world recommends my book. Thank you Indie B.R.A.G.  Mama would be proud! Janie Dempsey Watts, author of three B.R.A.G. Medallion books, Return to Taylor’s Crossing; Mothers, Sons, Beloveds, and Other Strangers; and Pap Pap Goes to Paris, and so does Ricky Author Janie Dempsey Watts

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Author victoria Thurman – In Praise of indieBRAG!

“When I received my B.R.A.G. Medallion 7 years ago, I had no idea the depth and breadth of the organization. Nor did I know to what extent the honor afforded me. Geri Clouston is one of the best cheerleaders a self-published author could have. She and her team do the very best to rotate recognition and spotlight different books in different and unique ways. I am very proud to have my book included in this elite group.” Victoria Thurman                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Author of The Dating Dilemma of Delilah Dunnfield Find this award winning book here  

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Promo Stacking- what is it, and how do I do it?

Promo Stacking For indie Authors Ricci Wolman Written Word Media Ricci Wolman of Written Word Media gave a great presentation on Promo Stacking at the 2018 Book Baby Conference in Philadelphia. Although the idea seems obvious, I think most of us don't take the time to do it correctly.  We all know that we must do some book promotion - they don't usually do themselves!  But how and when is the most effective and economical way to do it. What is Promo Stacking? It is running multiple coordinated marketing campaigns Within a set time frame With the goal of increasing the sales and rank of a specific title or series. Why do Amazon algorithms matter? Working with amazon is essential!  Amazon is about to hit a new milestone capturing 50% of the retail ecommerce in the United States, dwarfing all other sellers. Amazon uses sales rank to support search placement, getting your book into a visible placement will increase sales- so sales increase sales! We’ve all noticed the bar below books saying “Customers who bought this item also bought…” Well, getting your books listed will involve the Amazon Algorithm recognizing your book. Why do book promotions You want to feed…

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A Ghost Story & Pumpkin Soup for Halloween!

    By Patti Davis    The Blue Hour by Patti Davis The Blue Hour is dusk, that time between day and night that slips in silently, a few moments each day. It was Joshua Baron’s favorite time of day, a peaceful time when the world’s edges begin to blur. For an alone boy like Joshua, it was a time he was content, at one with nature and free from people, who could be bothersome. The Blue Hour is one of those wonderful books that is part fairy tale, part allegory, part time-slip and… part mean adolescent bullying. It is for young adults and adults alike, in the way that The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland or The Giver are.  It has a clear message yet the characters, the magic and the quest are expertly woven together from the first to the last word, so the book is not moralistic. It is haunting, a perfect Halloween read. The Barons move to small town Clearoak to escape LA and its lack of civility, charm and freedom to be safe. The run down house is rehabilitated; Josh’s room is painted blue and the townspeople hope the news family will drive away the ghosts.  Yet the ghosts remain. Joshua thinks…

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Civil War Mystery nourished with a Civil War favorite – Fried Apples!

Time Expo Time Exposure by Lynne Kennedy In Time Exposure, Lynne Kennedy makes Civil War photography the lens of her novel. “Photography hugely impacted the way society viewed the war….I combine my love of history and science with my penchant for mysteries!” Lynne does a superb job—an intriguing mystery, wonderful characters and exciting history.  All make this a fabulous read. Lynne Kennedy's Time Exposure.     Buttery Fried Nutmeg Apples During the Civil War, favorite sweet side or dessert was Fried Apples. In the field, it was typically made in a cast iron pan over a fire and worked well with tart apples. A variety of sweeteners could be used from honey or brown sugar, more available than white at the time. The Gibbs Museum in Charleston, South Carolina mounted an exhibit of Civil War photographs, which I went to see a few years ago. The black and white photographs were clear and surprisingly modern. There was the heroic; there were also the photographs that were brutal, unnerving and full of war’s agony. There was the view of Robert E. Lee’s home, with Union soldiers on the porch, his property made into the now national cemetery at Arlington. Lynne Kennedy’s Civil War historical novel, Time…

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In Praise of indieBRAG – Thomas Ryan

Hi indieBRAG- 'In my opinion, the most significant boost for the lot of Indie Authors in recent times has come from President Geri Clouston and the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award team. Now an internationally recognized stamp of quality, the B.R.A.G. Award is an assurance to all readers that the Indie book they are about to purchase meets the highest of publishing standards. More importantly, for me anyway, it is satisfying to be recognized for the hard work required to write and produce a quality manuscript and especially to be acknowledged for due care given to copy and proof editing. The good news is that the Gold Medallion on my book cover has led to increased sales and an increased interest in my other work. It was a perfectly timed boost to my writing career. As a proud BRAG award winner, I do feel a responsibility to continue producing work to the standards set by this organisation.  Thank you so much to all involved in the creation of the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award.  You guys are the best. Kind regards Thomas Ryan The Field of Blackbirds In praise of indieBRAG Find this award winning book  HERE Author Thomas Ryan

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Lunch with Madame Presidentess.

Madame Presidentess by Nicole Evalina The first woman running for president is a tale filled with intrigue, scandal, enemies and lurid newspaper accounts, sexual innuendoes, financial scandals and marital woes.  Biographical accounts are often brutal and vindictive. You might think I am writing about Hillary Clinton but she in fact was not the first woman to run for President. Victoria Woodhull ran for the office in 1872 on the Equal Rights Party, supporting women’s and workers rights.  Writing about her run for president, Woodhull noted, “The truth is that I am too many years ahead of this age…and the unenlightened mind of the average man.” Nicole Evalina brings us a vivid portrait of Woodhull in her historical novel. She told me, “My portrayal of her comes from how I think she saw herself… I think she believed the ends justified the means.” A constant headline maker in her own time, because of later conflicts with suffragettes, Woodhull became a footnote, mostly written out of their accounts of the decades’ efforts to gain the right to vote for women. Yet Woodhull’s accomplishments were many:  with only 3 years of formal education before 11, Woodhull published a newspaper, co-owned the first woman…

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In Praise of indieBRAG by author Pamela B. Eglinski

" Let me say once again that indieBRAG is a dream to work with.  You are head and shoulders above most every other social media site.  I'm so pleased to work with you, and you never seem annoyed with my questions and requests! Pam Eglinski                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Can-Can Girl Find out more about Pamela B. Eglinski

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