I certainly appreciate the love affair with a good book

Get with the times-

I certainly appreciate the love affair with a good book – I have shelves full of them. BUT, like it or not, “the times, they are a-changin” (actually have changed). To not have your book available as an e-books is just crazy. We have reached a point where more people are buying e-books than print books and the gap will only get wider. Let’s face it, fewer and fewer people are willing to spend $15- $30+ on just any book. This is not to say that you shouldn’t publish a traditional book. When I love a book, I want it on my book shelves – somehow a library with only a Kindle or Nook on the shelf just doesn’t do it for me! The initial cost of a n ebook reader is quickly recouped when reading books that cost $0- $10! Also, both amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com offer the opportunity to “sample” a book at no cost – no more being disappointed by a book that cost you in both time and money. ebooks authors, ebooks.

According to AAP Publishers February 2011 Sales Report

For February 2011, e-Books ranked as the #1 format among all categories of Trade publishing (Adult Hardcover, Adult Paperback, Adult Mass Market, Children’s/Young Adult Hardcover, Children’s/Young Adult Paperback).

These statistics come from the trade publishers so we can assume that if you add self publishing to these figures they will be much higher!


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