Are Dragons Real?

5 responses to “Are Dragons Real?”

  1. Gina LoBiondo says:

    I caught the end of this a few weeks ago, Geri! It’s sooooo cool! I’ve got to try and see it again — it was very interesting! =)

  2. Geri says:

    I found this so fascinating! I guess they were right in assuming they would eventually prove the existence of dragons since nearly every culture around the world had dragons and the images were so stunningly similar! I have to say that “Pete’s Dragon” was a favorite of my children. I am of the “Puff the Magic Dragon” era – enough said!

  3. Gina LoBiondo says:

    Geri, do you know whether this is on DVD or not?

  4. Geri says:

    No sorry – I found it on youtube but since it was from a documentary, I bet it is-

  5. Gina LoBiondo says:

    Geri, I just found it on Amazon on DVD!!!!! I should have it in a few days!!!!! Yay!!!!! =D

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