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I’m so BORED!

  Bored- feeling impatient or dissatisfied, because you are not interested in something or because you have nothing to do. If you want to say you are extremely bored, you can say you are bored stiff/rigid/silly or bored to tears/to death Oh, I'm so bored! What parent hasn't heard her child say "I'm so bored!"? I have a solution – hand your child a book. When I was a child, my mother answered that statement by telling us that being bored only meant your mind had nowhere to go. So, send your brain on an adventure. Once we learned about all the wonderful places we could go, we were never without a book. We all know how busy parents are today - the interesting thing is that giving your child a book doesn't really take so much time! Wouldn't it be wonderful if the only time your child gives you that "Look" is when you tell him or her to shut their book? Kids aren't the only victims of boredom. How many people do you hear lamenting how they couldn't find anything to watch on TV last night? How many of us watch things we don't even have an interest…

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a new year full of new books!

We are back in school after a wonderful Christmas! It is now time for me to think about books once again.  I have a couple of books I really want to talk to the authors about, so check back soon.  Do you have some questions for one of the authors of a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree?  Just let me know in the comments and I will be sure to ask. Talk to you soon-

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Hi everyone-Getting Ready For The Holidays?

Hi everyone- Getting ready for the holidays? Don't forget to add books. Kids like me love books!   Here are my answers to some questions I have been asked lately- What do kids your age like to you read?Well, right now The Lemonade Crime, Harry Potter & Diary of a Wimpy Kid are very popular.But it seems that most of my friends are interested in books about kids like themselves in real life Do most of your friends read books?Yes. We are required to always have a book in school. In school, do you get to pick books you like to read or do they tell you which books to read?In my grade, we are not told what books to read but must bring a book to school every day. We read the books we like and that makes it more fun! Do many kids you know have eBook readers?No, not really. Some kids do have them but not many. Our school doesn't care if you bring a book or an eBook reader. Do you think having an eBook reader such as a Kindle or Nook encourages children to read more?Most certainly! All of us love electronics and for those…

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