Trucking Together!

FROM FACT TO FICTION 18 Wheeler By J. F. Ridgley Ever wonder if love can be sweeter on an 18-Wheeler This mature romance is set on John’s 18-wheeler when he discovers a cute but helpless driver in her broken-down car on the Salt Flats of Utah. Carrie was dead either way,..freezing in her car or getting into a complete stranger’s semi that pulled in behind her car. So, she climbs into John’s rig, only to have her life take a unexpected right turn. Join John and Carrie’s journeys that crosses America and offers them a chance for a new romance and dreams. 18 Wheeler by JF Ridgley is about two people finding love on the open road where one is a widowed truck driver who comes to the rescue of a woman stuck out in the cold. She becomes his “broker” scheduling his loads and deliveries. This brings to mind the relatively new concept of husbands and wives traveling together as team truck drivers. What would that be like? Traveling constantly with your wife or husband by your side, 24/7? I did some research and came up with both pros and cons. First off, the biggest pro would obviously be the…

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