What’s in a Media Kit?

A Media Kit can be a useful way to gather all the info about you, as an author, and your book.  We asked Marisa to share her terrific MK with us-

I’m a self-published debut author and a proud owner of an indieBRAG Medallion Award. My book, GOODBYE To Italia, is a family story, and was published in 2016 but only a year later have I created a Media Kit (MK). An MK is defined as containing information about your business, product or an event. I did have a one-pager that in loose terms met this criteria. But in such a competitive world and a global market, it really is necessary to have a more professional approach.

Thanks to my publishing and marketing mentor, Ocean Reeve, he provided me with a couple of examples of what an MK should look like. He also gave me a kind but strong talking to. Duly subdued, I reviewed the relevant documents and sat down one weekend to create my own. Not for me was a 15-page MK although if that’s what you want to do that’s your choice. Instead, I wanted to relay the messages as effectively and succinctly as possible. Not wanting to incur any financial outlay, I opened up PowerPoint and got to work.

I chose colours and images that best reflect what I’m about and importantly matched the colour scheme that I already have in the book and my website. I think that this provides a connection when people access the website, etc. Fundamental inclusions: Information about you as an author, about the book (and probably a book extract), any acknowledgements or awards, the target audience, a taste of what interview questions might be asked and of course, your contact details. Importantly, get someone to give their opinion about the semi-finished product. Undoubtedly they will point out something that just doesn’t come across quite the way you think it does and needs to be changed.

Why is it necessary to have an MK? Well, imagine you’re online and you discover Goodreads is advertising Author Interviews or, there’s an open call to submit your book to a publisher or, a Writers Association is having a competition. Your MK is ready to be added as supporting documentation and is a most professional accompaniment. All the important information in one document.

The beauty of PowerPoint for me is that the program is flexible and the file can be saved as a PDF – an acceptable format for most submissions. If you obtain other reviews or win another award, you’ll have to remember though to update your MK.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the MK on my website – bottom right hand corner of www.marisaparkerauthor.com. I’d be interested in your feedback! Have a go at creating your own look that ties in with your personal messaging. Thanks to www.oceanreeve.com for the support and mentorship over this past year, and to indieBRAG for my 2017 award.

Thanks Marisa  You did a great job on this MK and we appreciate your sharing.

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2 responses to “What’s in a Media Kit?”

  1. Marisa Parker says:

    I hope this is useful! All the best with your own version of a Media Kit!

  2. Douglas Phillips says:

    Very nice kit, Marisa. I had no idea that interviewer questions might come from the author! Naive of me.

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