One Reader’s Voice Out Loud with Peter

Our readers are the foundation of what makes indieBRAG unique.  They not only select the books to become the next B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree but give feedback to our authors. This feedback is important not only to the authors but to the reader as well. Readers carry a lot of weight in what we regard as quality in self-publishing. Not only that but how readers see author’s platforms and performance on social media. Today Peter shares with us a little about his reading habits, reviewing books, how he finds books, book covers, and much more. Thank you, Peter for sharing with us today. First please tell us about your reading interest. 

indieBRAG:    Thank you for joining us for this reader’s event.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your survey.

indieBRAG: How do you choose a book to read?

On looking through the list of BRAG Medallion applications, I try to identify something that I hope will be interesting and well-written. I then check it out on Amazon, and if it still looks interesting I request it. If it doesn’t look interesting, I repeat the process until something better appears. I have sometimes been right through the list this way without finding anything that really appeals.

indieBRAG:  How much does the cover and title matter?

For me, the cover and title, although relevant, weigh less than the author’s blurb.

indieBRAG:  When selecting a book, do you check who or how it is published? Of course, this does not pertain to books you might read for indieBRAG since they are all self-published!

This is not a criterion that carries much weight with me. I find reviews and recommendations from people I trust to be more important.

indieBRAG:  Do you read the blurb or go right to reading the sample on ebooks or read a few pages on a print copy in a store?

I do both of these. The sample reading is often decisive.

indieBRAG:  Do you feel compelled to read the entire book, even if it isn’t what you hoped?

When reading for Indie BRAG I usually read the whole book, even if it is disappointing. I only give up part way (which is rare) when the book is irritatingly bad.

indieBRAG:  Do you leave reviews? If so would you leave a negative review or only positive ones on books you enjoyed?

It is always a pleasure to provide a positive review, or one which gives constructive criticism for improvement. I avoid writing a negative review, not least because my reaction may be merely one of personal dislike for the story or it’s construction. Another reader may well find it to their taste. If this is my feeling, I try to say so, without further comment.

indieBRAG:  What advice can you give to authors about what it is you expect from a good book?

It is difficult to give general advice on writing in the absence of a given work, because books and one’s approach to them can be so varied. There are, alas, a lot of second-rate books published that yet contain the germ of a good idea or some well-written passages. My advice then, would be for authors to obtain as far as possible a good text editor, or join a critiquing group, that is able to comment usefully on their work before it is published.

I hope these responses may be of some use.

indieBRAG:  Thank you for taking the time to share with us and especially for all the reading you do for indieBRAG!  We couldn’t do what we do without the dedication and perseverance of readers like yourself.




The comments, advice and opinions expressed here are those of authors whose books have been honored with a B.R.A.G. Medallion. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners, management, or employees of indieBRAG, LLC.

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