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Paradise Girl


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Book Series The REBOOT Series
Genres Young Adult
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17-year-old Kerryl Shaw lives with her family in the remote Paradise Farm. Their lives are uneventful until a deadly virus spreads across the country, wiping out all it touches. At first the Shaws think that their location will keep them safe, but they are wrong. One by one the family dies, leaving Kerryl alone. Services fail, normal life breaks down and Kerryl battles to survive. She has escaped a lethal disease, but can she endure the loneliness that follows? She records what she thinks will be her final days in a diary and creates a reader, who she calls Adam. As the days pass the imaginary Adam becomes real to her, until she is convinced he actually exists and she can communicate with him. She thinks she receives an invitation from Adam to go to a local beauty spot popular with lovers, and sets out to meet him. Will he be there?
“With a twist at the end which totally takes the reader by surprise, this is a cracking read from the first word to the last!”

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