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The Sapphire Sphere

Timestream Travelers Book Two


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Genres Young Adult, Science Fiction
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The Sapphire Sphere finds the Entwistle-Willoughby clans grappling with the changes Cassie’s visit to 2015 have brought forth to 2053. There are new relationships, new people, and trouble brewing between Tabitha and Aeneas that leaves the family in chaos. While her twin brothers Lux and Tor bolt for the Grand Canyon and come back with a surprise of their own, Cassie encounters a mysterious new time traveler who confronts her with some hard truths about her family.

Back in 2015, teen romance blossoms between Aeneas and Tabitha, but their history shifts when Aeneas tampers with the past compelling Cassie to team up with legendary shaman time traveler, Bob North Sky to undo her father’s mess. Multiple realities are in play, and no one knows if they are living through the original or the remake!

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