Award-winning Science Fiction Author



Young adult book author Sher J. Stultz’s science background gives her much fodder for her upper middle-grade and young adult books, such as the genetic sequence that enables some people to access the space-time continuum in her new series The Timestream Travelers Chronicles, starting with book one The Rescue.

As a science teacher for seventeen years, working in middle school and high school, Sher likes to incorporate various scientific disciplines into her stories. Being around so many students over the course of her career has exposed her diverse personalities and gives her a healthy cache of possibilities to create characters.

An interesting Easter egg to Sher’s books is that she enjoys weaving in food throughout the stories. She believes that sharing a meal brings a feeling of warmth among people and that describing the smells, textures, and dishes evokes sensations for the reader. She thinks that a great story is one that has characters that the reader wants to meet, a mystery or obstacle to solve, real-life locations, and something out of the ordinary. With her futuristic stories, she hopes to give her readers ideas and inspiration of what is possible to invent or change in our world to make it more sustainable.

Books that toggle between the past, present, and future require careful tracking of characters, events, and actions from each story. Sher keeps what publishers call a bible that chronicles such details both for current books and ideas for future plotlines. When she isn’t writing thought-provoking science stories for middle-grade and young adult readers, Sher enjoys kayaking, hiking, bird watching and listening to live music. She loves to read books and reread her favorites. She also likes to garden, cook, and walk her dog Juniper, with her neighborhood dog pack – a challenging daily commitment given the weather of Western Washington.

Sher shares her life with Juniper, a miniature Australian shepherd, a cat named Nelson Cruise (after Nelson Cruz, formerly of the Seattle Mariners), two chickens, Maria and Flavia, her amazing daughter Astra, and many steadfast friends. The Timestream Travelers Chronicles: The Rescue is her debut novel.

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