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The Orb

The Fantasmagorical Forest


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Genres Young Adult, Fantasy
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Katelin’s summer in the valley is interrupted when a stranger appears in the forest, and he’s a Faery, like Lueraleene. Katelin has had a relationship with the Faeries for the last three years, ever since she first came to the valley and the fantasmagorical forest. Faeries are normal here in the forest, except Lueraleene is supposed to be the only one of her kind in this world.
When they learn the Faerie’s world, the beautiful land of Suweiland, is threatened by Wren, brother of the late Lord Brin, they must rush to home to secure the last item Wren needs to control all the magic — good and dark.
Along the way they fight Wren’s use of his dark magic to get into their heads and control them in order to discover where the Orb is hidden. Storms on the ocean, deadly animals from the deep sea, and mindless minions under the spell of Wren thwart their every move.
If Wren isn’t stopped, his power and madness will be so great, that the world of the Faeires will be forever locked in darkness and pain with no hope for the future.
During their journey through the land of Suweiland to reach the Orb, Katelin finds herself falling for Anion. But he’s a Faery and humans and Faeries don’t mix. Sadly, she knows that at the end of this quest, she has to return to her own home and leave him in the Faeries world. Or does she?

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