S. L. Dwyer

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About S. L. Dwyer

Born in Connecticut and raised in Florida, I still consider myself a New Englander and miss the scenery. I’ve worked at several different professions until I realized writing is what makes me the happiest. The joy of taking a single idea and turning it into a story people want to read is exhilarating.

People ask me where I get my ideas for my books. Well, as most writers will tell you, they come from observing life around you. I am a people watcher and find stories where ever I look. I am also a day dreamer – which sometimes gets in the way of my writing.
I am currently working on the second book of The Fantasmagorical Forest Trilogy and having fun staying in the head of a fifteen-year-old. The freedom to shape these characters is exciting and I have fun going back in time and being that child again – without all the problems inherent to teenagers.

I would never have thought this is where I would settle in my writing. My first book was action/adventure; shoot-outs and chases were fun along with exotic locales. My second book was mainstream drama and left me feeling drained from the emotional baggage that came with the story.

So, putting those two books behind me, I have embarked on a wonderful journey writing stories with children being my main characters and finding all sorts of trouble for them to get into. And, I plan on sticking with teen and YA stories, at least for now.