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The Fantasmagorical Forest

Book 1


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Illustrator Book cover Photo by Moyan Brenn
Book Series Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy
Genres Young Adult, Fantasy
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2017 indieBRAG  Cover Contest Winner for Middle Grade Books

Katelin held her grief over her father’s death close to her heart, refusing to let anyone in to ease the pain. Instead, she filled her days with friends to smother her feelings. She had everything under control to make it past the first anniversary of his death. That is until her mother sent Katelin and her brother, Simon, to her great-grandmother’s home in a valley in the Appalachian Mountains.

Even the discovery of the magic within the fantasmagorical forest couldn’t temper her anger or her grief. With no other option and nowhere else to go, she gave in and joined her brother in his adventures within the forest, discovering a land of faeries and talking birds, and an entrance to the world of Dhumfeld where gentle trolls lived.

When Nana is kidnapped by a killer troll who has been trapped in the world of Dhumfeld, Katelin and Simon enlist the help of the creatures of the forest and the trolls in a race to save her, encountering magical and not so magical entities in their search. Along the way, she finds the meaning of family once again and opens her heart.

Just when Katelin felt she had found Nana and could bring her home the unexpected happened. Katelin accidentally transports herself to another world where vile creatures and killer trolls ruled. Now she must fight her way back and bring the “two stones” to obtain the release of Nana and send the killer troll home. She is the only one who can save her.

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