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The Book of Jerrick - Part 2


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Book Series The Book of Jerrick
Genres Young Adult
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Swords & Sorcery

Things are going from bad to worse for the Elder Council. It has been two years since the trials, and the new Grand Inquisitor is ruthless. That’s not all – in the world between the mirror portals, the Flayers have been growing in strength and number, hunting anyone who crosses their territory. Meanwhile, Jerrick’s past has returned to haunt him, putting everyone’s lives in danger. They say that making deals with devils is a dangerous game and that someday the time will come to pay the Piper.

Following on from Inquisitor (Indie B.R.A.G honouree – 2015), Piper continues the Book of Jerrick series with an explosive new tale. The humour is less gentle and the scenes are darker, but it still comes packed with action and suspense, appealing to readers with a sense of adventure, or those looking to escape into an alternate world.

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