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OuterSphere : Rayne Trilogy #2

The Rayne Trilogy Book 2


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Genres Young Adult
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“It is the way of evolution,” Elias says, his words getting lost in the roar of the wind. “Two species of human cannot coexist. To believe so is to be naïve.” -OuterSphere

“Let me ask you this, Rayne. What do you think the point of the wall is? Segregation of species? Well, it’s more than that. Your kind built it to protect you all from what you’re doing to us. Your world is clean and alive and beautiful I imagine, while ours rains ash from the clouds.” -OuterSphere

In book two of the Rayne Trilogy, Rayne finds herself in a desolate land: the outersphere. Desperate to return to the only life she’s ever known, it is here where she finally learns the truth about her abilities and her purpose. She discovers that everything she knew about the world and the Ancients is a lie.

In the outersphere, she is forced to choose between killing and surviving…

Because on this side of the wall, the weak perish, and the strong live to fight another day.

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