Quoleena Sbrocca

Award-winning Young Adult Author


About Quoleena Sbrocca

Quoleena Sbrocca (pronounced Kwo-LEE-nuh Suh-BROH-kuh) is a Denver native, lover of photography, and dreams of one day owning a horse. Though she is afraid of heights, if she were an animal, she would be an eagle.

She is a young adult contemporary science fiction author and has also written two time travel/alternate history novels featuring Harriet Tubman and Jimmy Hoffa.

Quoleena has loved creative writing since she was a child. In 3rd grade, she won a scholastic award for her illustrated short story, “Little Girl Lost.” She wrote poetry and short stories during her guitar-playing college days in San Diego, all of which she keeps buried in a box of memories.

Her favorite books to read tend to be in the days of horse-drawn carriages and noble courts. And she absolutely loves books set in worlds void of technology and unlike our own, with swords and magic and mystical creatures.