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Once upon a time, there was a girl who was naïve enough to believe reason and logic were all it took to sway even the darkest of hearts.
Then one day, she discovered a world unlike her own. It was in this world—a darkened land—where she learned the truth.
She returned to her reality and uncovered the depths of darkness hidden behind a shroud of illusion.
…And then her world as she knew it ceased to exist.
In grief and despair, she discovered a new thing, and she devoured it. She savored the taste of it, the way it lingered on her tongue and left her hungry for more.
Yet she did not worry when the next taste would come, and she knew one day she would have her fill of it.
As the last bites dribbled down her chin, mingling with the drizzling rain, she lifted her face to the sky and gave the thing a name:

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