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Northern Adventure


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There is a need in the child to read and learn of his psychological well-being through literature of another child, one who experiences the same growing pain to achieve self esteem. That beautiful mystery that educates the child is often gained only when he reads and reflects upon that which another child experiences.

I wanted to create a novel to fulfill the adolescent male readers need for a story that relates to the development of the male concept and help encourage boys to read. Hence, my middle-grade novel NORTHERN ADVENTURE for ages 9-12 was born.

NORTHERN ADVENTURE is told from the two-boy main characters viewpoint. It weaves their relationship and growth to each other, sharing their dependency on one another in the adventures they live with; nature, animals and family.

The story is approached thoughtfully, with colorful anecdotes and humor, depicting the detail of family life as lived on a Wisconsin farm in 1950; and, there’s just enough action, fun, surprise, drama and emotion to keep you reading through all 16- chapters.

Mike left the big city life of Chicago during the summer of 1950 to spend one year with his cousin Rich on his family farm at Lake Mentaka, Wisconsin. Anxious to discover their environment with Rich’s dog Prince, they barely escape death on Whale Island, are chased by a bear, dynamite a runway, and are accidently buried alive during a treasure dig. Alarming situations unfold and the boys grow strong through fun and responsibility. Courage and maturity develop after experiencing some harsh realities of life. A bond of caring and survival is shared among family and friends, proving that love and friendship are the most important things in life.

Young girls and adults are enjoying these adventures also. Adults who grew up in the mid-west or raised on a farm during the 1940’s find it reminiscing.

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