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The Planet on the Detergent Box


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Things are in an uproar on the Gassplat, the orbiting platform from which the Protected Planets Ministry oversees the planet Calema and tries to keep order among all the species with designs on the planet’s future. An unknown outside force is interfering in Calema’s development, introducing weapons, upsetting the balance. Mack, the Planet Clerk, has all he can do to keep the various spy agencies from going to war with each other.
Then the Most Valuable Substance in the Galaxy is discovered on Calema. Everybody wants a piece of the action. But it is Timo, an agent for that newcomer species, the Humans, who stumbles on the big secret. First, though, he must contend with the locals—wobbly ships, a crackpot inventor, a jealous empress, charismatic wizards, the Society of Lesser Knowledge, and others besides. And who among them are really spies?
It looks like it’s going to be up to Timo to save the planet—or ruin everything trying.

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