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Along with my replacement heart, gifted by a murdered man, I inherited much more than mere mortal flesh. With his life giving pump I acquired every detail of his last day on Earth and his subsequent existence in some other world. Scoff you may, but listen well. I not only gained more valuable time on this wonderful Earth, but something of far greater value even than that, I gained evidence that we have a future. I know I have total proof in my acquired memories that there is hope for all beyond the curtain.

What of my saviour, Rodwell Richards? He was the victim of an assassin, for a reason that the police have never apparently discovered. His cadaver thence rested for years in first a police morgue and subsequently, in cryogenic suspension. A desperate search to find me a new ticker resulted in his being found to be a rare match. For all I know, the rest of him lies refrozen to this very day.

So what of those memories? Nothing to help solve his murder, I’m afraid, but information so much more valuable to me and to any of you that chose to believe. You see Rodwell, the ‘soul’, whilst his body lay preserved, had been born again. Rodwell now lived in this parallel existence. Unbelievably, a quirk of chance had him living this new life tagged as a terrorist and a killer. This book is that story.

So which parts do you find to be most unbelievable? All I ask is that you read my account before judging my sanity. Make what judgement you see fit, because, come what may, by the time you read this I will be elsewhere.

Arthur Fieldman, Carlton Heath, Nethertown, Lincolnshire.

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