Richard Bunning

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About Richard Bunning

There is more nonsense talked about writing than about anything else. Am I worth your time? I leave you the judge.
I showed some early promise, in my own head, but that was more to do with the possibility of inventing a new language from my dyslexic spelling than any dexterity with English.

My only notable qualification is a degree in International Relations from the University of Keele. This has helped me develop my interest in the large and small interactions of the seven thousand, million people on this planet, every one of which really do seem to be unique.

My background is one of relatively privileged, if rather Dickensian school education, not unlike that of my great-uncle, Arthur Callum. Like him I did best at pugilistic activities. His bottom drawer stories have been edited and published for free here. I then spent my best years making less and less money farming, working as a scientific research assistant, and making a very average job of looking after the family whilst my wife’s work kept us all in modest luxury.

My fiddling with great classical works grew out of a naive attempts to help my children cope with education in foreign climes, and my speculative fiction out of my arrogant view that I have something interesting to say.

I am English by birth, a citizen of New Zealand by adoption, and an inhabitant of Switzerland (I have the privilege of residing there only as baggage of the multi-talented mother of our wonderful offspring).

My interest in reviewing others’ works is in the main driven by a determination to publicise independent writers. Some of us will one day be household names, possibly even through our books. Exactly who these individuals will be depends on the roll of the life’s dice and on truckloads of support from readers like you.


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