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A Tale of Two Worlds


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Massive quakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will decimate the Earth. The ancient Keepers of Akosh can do nothing to prevent the catastrophes. They have known since the sinking of Atlantis that the living world would re-awaken, so they spent thousands of years terraforming a primitive world to serve as a sanctuary for the refugees. Now the Gathering begins.

The world of Lantamyra has another population of refugees—dragons. The keepers shared secrets of crystal power with them, which accelerated their evolution giving them powerful telepathic minds. Stranded for millennia, the dragons cannot open an inter-dimensional doorway to their homeworld until more crystals are added to the array in the Crystal Chamber.

For centuries, the Keepers of Akosh brought small groups of people from every continent on Earth to mine the crystals, tend the ancient gardens, and help terraform the land. The humans reside in three Great Houses ruled by the dragons.

Recently arrived from Earth, Tylya Lansing has been trained in the Secrets of the Ways and knows how to use the myra crystals that give her the power to move in extreme fast-time and speak telepathically. She is now a keeper of dragons in the House of Gaia Jade. Her knowledge of modern Earth makes her the best candidate to command the missions to find and retrieve the giant crystals of Atlantis before the quakes bury them deeper in the abysmal depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

The mission is not Tylya’s only concern. Her lover, Josh Hamilton, who came with her from Earth, is now a crystalseeker working in the mine at Queen’s Heart. Long exposure to raw crystals drains life from the body, but the most terrifying danger is waiting in the crystals to feed on him—the ghosts of previous seekers hungry for living

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