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Echo from Mount Royal


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2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award:
• Winner in the General Fiction/Novel category
• Second Place Grand Prize Winner for all fiction books

Imagine you are 18 and fall in love with a handsome, wealthy man. Your romantic dreams have come true…
except his family hates you!

Montreal, 1951. Rebecca Wiseman, 18 years old, from a Catholic-Jewish family, lives with her working-class parents. At a local dance, she briefly meets a handsome young man, but has little hope of seeing him again. When Sol Gottesman tracks her down and asks her on a date, her joy mingles with disbelief when she learns he is the son of a wealthy businessman.

Sol takes her in a chauffeured Rolls-Royce to the most expensive restaurant in the city, introducing Rebecca to a world of upper-class wealth and privilege unknown in her working-class family. Despite the usual bumps in any relationship, Rebecca believes her life is perfect.

She soon learns that despite Sol’s outward charm, he lacks self-confidence. On a visit to Mount Royal overlooking the city, Sol reveals the simmering conflicts in his family and his fears that his brother plans to drive him out of the family business. Rebecca’s wants to protect Sol, but helping him stand up to the pressure from his family, puts her squarely in the midst of it all.

Class, religion, family conflict and sexual secrets test their love and Rebecca wonders if the relationship can survive. In love with Sol, she struggles to control events with humor and forgiveness. And then a late night telephone call changes her life forever.

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