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The Shoes Come First

A Jennifer Cloud Novel


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Genres Romance
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2017 indieBRAG  Cover Contest Winner Romance Books

Jennifer Cloud leads a fairly normal life in Sunnyside, Texas until a birthday present from her great aunt sends her to Scotland. In the year 1568. There she meets a charming Scottish rogue who introduces her to a world of time traveling, mysterious keys, a cast of dysfunctional characters, and the top-secret association that makes the rules. But when villains who will stop at nothing to acquire every last time traveling key for themselves, start messing with Jennifer’s family, she finds herself in a race against time to retrieve her key and save herself and her family.

Time traveling to Scotland, pre-indoor plumbing Texas, and ending in a present day chase around New York City, The Shoes Come First has a little sex, a little violence, and a whole bunch of drama that sees its fearless heroine chasing after villains and the men chasing after her.

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