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A Battle Raging


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Maya Temple looks forward to teaching her weekend art class where she hopes to introduce the joy of still life drawing to her enthusiastic students. But her plans for her class go awry as soon as one late student, Zachary Yarborough, wheels into her class.

Zach is a former marine who was wounded in Afghanistan four years prior and is now a paraplegic. He also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and is taking the class at the request of his psychiatrist, who feels Zach can benefit from art therapy. However Zach winds up pissing off the beautiful art teacher in various ways that includes drawing a nude sketch of her on the very first day.

At each session, Zach and Maya antagonize one another but eventually can’t resist the growing attraction between them. Initially, Maya mistakenly believes that a man in a wheelchair cannot be sexual. But Zach is eager to prove her wrong again and again…and again.

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