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About Sharon Cullars

I’m a Chicagoan born and bred (temporarily transplanted to a suburb), a woman in a midlife flux who has always loved reading. Now a new writer, I’m still learning the ins and outs of the business. Before writing AGAIN (Kensington/Brava, May 2006), I self-published a paranormal mystery in 2002 entitled CELIA. Although a dismal marketing failure, CELIA was a jumping off point and a learning experience for me.

Since then, I have published a few online short stories and also have had a story included in MASQUES V, an anthology of horror fiction that includes works by Ray Bradbury, Gary Braunbeck, Poppy Z. Brite and Richard Christian Matheson among others.

In addition to AGAIN, I’ve published two other works with Brava and consider myself fortunate for the opportunity. Currently, I am writing novellas for Loose-Id and hope to expand into other genres, including mystery and horror. I am seriously contemplating doing an erotic graphic novel with some elements of horror and suspense. As usual, I also have other works on the back burner and just have to overcome my procrastination to take them from simmering to full boil.

My reading life includes all genres which have influenced my writing style. Hopefully my readers will enjoy.

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