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God Johnson

The Unforgiven Diary


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Genres Paranormal
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God Johnson: the Unforgiven Diary is the story of a nerdy, if ancient, demigod named Johnson who mimics the form of Abraham Lincoln to help win the trust of potential disciples. His plan works on Liberty Abbott, an aspiring actress with a brand new degree in theater, who agrees to become his follower in return for a fast track to super-stardom. But God Johnson forgets to tell Liberty there’s a secret Major Rule she must obey or face the dire consequences the demigods call The Wrath. She breaks it almost immediately, starting the inevitable, horrific chain of events set forth as her challenge. The story takes place in Madison, Wisconsin, and in the alternate universe of the demigods known as the Whetherworld.  God Johnson: the Unforgiven Diary is first in a series.

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