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Debunker: Psychic Storm


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Surprising healings. Bleeding stigmata-like wounds. A woman who kills without mercy. And another who holds miraculous powers.
Something really unusual is going on at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Following the success of the paranormal reality show that made him a star, Francis Trecy has been invited to Wisconsin to investigate some of these claims. He ends up with a ringside seat for a collision between the holy and the unholy.
Darkness falls over him along the way. A partnership is torn apart. Old friends die. Remarkable secrets are revealed.
And Francis Trecy, the skeptic, finally comes to terms with his obsession. But he is forced into an engagement with an enemy more powerful than anything on Earth.
To survive, he may have to accept the madness of things. He’ll have to seek powerful allies or risk seeing the world and the people he loves destroyed.
Sometimes the battle between good and evil isn’t a fair fight.

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