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Peregrine Woodward, a relative attached to Anne Boleyn’s entourage at King Henry VIII’s Court, is thrown into violent conflict with the powerful and ambitious men and women of the times. Passion and intrigue are everyday currency, along with ever-present danger.

Her healing and prophetic gifts are remarkable, but confronting. They are coveted by the fascinating alchemist, Doctor Cosmo Meniscus, who almost destroys her in his attempt to control her destiny, while the man she loves, Richard de Burgh, abhors her practice of the forbidden arts. Struggling to maintain her independence, Peregrine employs her gifts in the service of others, particularly Anne, whose destructive course will bring them both within the shadow of the scaffold.

Peregrine cannot foretell her own, extraordinary future, but she does know that a terrible day of reckoning will come.

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