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Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Four


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Book Series Green Stone of Healing®
Genres Romance, Fantasy
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Exiled from the luxury of her father’s estates to avert potential civil war, Helen Andros takes shelter in mountainous Southern Alta Province. There, Maguari, the otherworldly Mist-Weaver, teaches her life-altering advanced skills in energy-manipulation and how to use her green gem and chain together for more rapid and powerful healing and self-protection.

Although Helen does not yet know it, her new-found abilities could change the balance of power in Azgard.

As Book Four concludes, a plot against Lord James reaches its tragic culmination. At the same time, unknown assailants attempt to kidnap Helen, who uses her newly acquired spiritual powers to fend them off and flee, uncertain if help will arrive in time.

Her hiding place no longer secret, Helen faces the perilous prospect of returning to live among those who would slay her and others who will betray her. Now, however, she can and will defend herself in ways her enemies find unimaginable and unbelievable.

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