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“What’s wrong with relaxing in the evening with a little sip of wino?” asks Carakas, an alcoholic vampire whose primary concern is maintaining his buzz. But finding a steady supply of heavy drinkers to feast upon is a challenge. Until, that is, he meets up with Rudt, a corrupt police detective with ambitions to advance through the ranks by eliminating his competitors.

Strain the situation by adding in Carakas’s mentor, Thedouros, who is threatened–or is it tempted?–by a sexy vampire huntress who crashes town suddenly and who harbors a deep secret of her own. Add a dash of peril as Carakas and Thedouros must try to keep their many enemies from killing them both…unless their friends do it first.

Mix and shake well to serve up this hilarious, upended romp about sex, love, loyalty, betrayal, and people viewed as beverages.

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