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The Altai Chronicles: Off the Map


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Book #3
Follow the spiritual adventures of a 60-year-old American woman who treks solo for 60 miles through the wilds of Siberia. She carries a 65-pound backpack, cooks over a fire, collects rainwater to drink, and copes with floods, bears, and treacherous mountain passes. Alone for 3 weeks in the Altai Mountains—primeval source of Siberian shamanism—she travels deep into the mysteries of her own psyche.

In 1998, Light Beings came into Carol Hiltner’s dreams in Seattle and invited her on a spiritual quest to the Altai Mountains. In the following decade, Carol returned every year to explore the spiritual by-ways of a region known as the source of Siberian shamanism.

Off the Map is the third book of four Altai Chronicles, which the angelic beings asked Carol to write and for which they gave her the titles, back at the beginning. A visual and verbal artist with a lifetime of wilderness experience, Carol paints word pictures that bring alive the glorious wilderness landscape, the drama of the trek, and her concurrent forays into spirit—mind-bending encounters with bears, Bigfoot people, and the Light Beings locally known as burkhani.

Carol thought that the solo trek would be her last in Altai, but the theft of her backpack set in motion a drama that eventually required a helicopter rescue, aborting both the physical and spiritual journey.

The Light Beings invited her to return once more, bringing a group the next summer—for an epic journey on foot, horseback, and the wings of spirit—to open an energy portal that supported Earth’s transition to higher frequencies, and changed Carol forever.

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