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Feasible Planet

A guide to more sustainable living


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Are you concerned about the state of our planet and hope that governments and corporations will find a sustainable way for us to live? If you do not think about it too hard, that may work, but will it? Left on their own, with drivers of popularity and profits, I am not convinced that it will.

The missing part of this equation is you and me. Individuals who believe that through action, we can buy a bit more time for governments and business to get things right. Actions that will not only help save the planet but will benefit you right away by saving money, time, promoting better health, and having a happier life in general.

Sustainability goes beyond controlling our consumption and pollution. There are key social, political, and economic areas that need to be addressed and there are numerous steps that individuals can take to help. For those of you who feel we could do more, this book is for you and is loaded with actionable activities, the reasons for doing them, and explores why we are not doing them already.

It is easy to be part of the sustainability solution – are you willing to try?

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