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Rookies In The Wild


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Rookies in the Wild is the true tale of a father and son who head off for one of the most beautiful—and ruggedly remote— areas of the country with no hiking experience, an overload of brand new gear, and a rich complement of paranoia.

This comic, soft-core adventure story begins in Iowa and journeys to the Pacific Crest Trail in the Trinity Alps Wilderness of northern California. It’s much about the West, the scale and the majesty, and it’s filled with natural history anecdotes that underscore the raw beauty and mystique of America’s last remaining wild places.

Rookies in the Wild is about facing fears: man-eating cougars, intestinal parasites, shoddy parenting, and mortality. But it’s also a story of grace: How nature forgives, forgets, replenishes, and enriches the spirit. And why the wilderness is so essential, and how it makes us better humans.

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