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Going Reptile

How Engaging Your Inner Lizard Leads to More Fulfilling Work & Personal Relationships


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Illustrator Hattie Hyder
Genres Non-Fiction
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Going Reptile shows up in many different ways and intensities. We can “go reptile” at work, at home and in social situations. This affects us, and those around us. The impact is often much greater than we realize. When we “go reptile”, we enter into an automatic reactive mode. We’re designed to react and consolidate our resources for safety, and when it’s a bear we’re running from, it makes very good sense. At the office or at home, the result can be considerably less than optimal. The good news is that we also have another operating system. A more advanced operating system that begins to come online once we learn how to engage it. The more we engage it, the more it becomes the primary operating system, and the stronger it gets, effectively side-stepping the older operating system unless it’s needed, for instance, if we encounter a bear.

This quick-read book is packed with practical information. It is focused on a professional context, but it will help you navigate this reptilian territory in other areas of your life as well.

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