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We are excited to bring you this distinctive new cookbook that will appeal to two large and diverse groups of people around the world who like to read books and who like to cook. The common thread that joins them together is the desire to relax, to escape the pressures of everyday life, and to stimulate their imaginations—in other words, to dream.
With that in mind, indieBRAG has brought together an ensemble of award-winning, self-published authors whose books have earned the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion and, working with Susan Weintrob, a culinary expert and respected food blogger, we have developed exciting recipes, each of which, springs from the pages of these books and the stories contained therein. Unlike traditional cookbooks, we have grouped these recipes in an unusual and intriguing manner, as each one is presented in concert with the book from which the idea sprung, and all are grouped by each book’s literary genre.
In so doing, we have created a cookbook quite different from the thousands of such books that are published each year around the globe. We respectfully submit that our cookbook will take you on a gastronomical and intellectual adventure—one that will entertain you, and teach you, and thereby satisfy both your body and soul. There is truly nothing like it!
So come join us as together we eat, read and dream!

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