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The story of a dolphin trainer, filmmaker, and cancer survivor.


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“Honest… grateful… unflinching…. We get the tears. The love. The lessons. The joy.” –Karla Peterson, The San Diego Union Tribune

“Powerful … affecting … heartwarming.” –Kirkus Reviews

In this moving memoir, Joy Clausen Soto vividly brings us into her world. We see her go from her dream job to fighting for her life and how she is able to come back from it all. You can’t avoid falling in love with her quirks, indomitable spirit, and wry sense of humor.

Soto takes readers on a compelling journey as she faces cancer and the challenges she encounters while re-entering “normal” life. Her ability to find something amusing, redeeming, or beautiful in every situation is not only relatable, but wonderful to experience. This is an inspirational story of how joy can be found in the smallest moments and something meaningful can be created from our greatest challenges in life.

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