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It’s About You Too

How to Manage Employee Resistance to Your Diversity Initiatives and Enhance Workplace Culture and Profitability


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Every employee says they support expanding the diversity of their organization’s workforce, but when faced with uncomfortable choices and tough decisions, their vocal support often turns into grudging acceptance or even covert resistance.

It’s About You Too presents a contrarian approach to diversity initiatives, making it clear that the only way to make headway on diversity efforts is to expand them to include a commitment to embracing all differences; from one’s race, to whether an individual has a child, rents a home, or has a long commute. And, as you navigate this new world of differences, you will want to be privy to the insight provided by It’s About You Too, which gives readers a peek into the minds of employees, sharing exactly what your staff is thinking and gives specific guidance on how to address their concerns, so they become advocates for your organization’s efforts.

It’s About You Too is the practical and user friendly tool that you’ve been looking for, because it will give you what you need to transform your diversity initiatives from abstract ideas into executed and impactful workplace policies, enhancing workplace culture and increasing profitability.

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