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Busting Drug Dealers

Diaries of a DEA Special Agent


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True Stories from the Underbelly of World Drug Traffickers

While the rest of us were safe in our homes, DEA Special Agent Mike Fredericks was busting dopers around the world and preventing illicit drugs from hitting the streets in the US.

Written from his extensive diaries and court documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, the real-life adventures of Mike Fredericks read like fiction—and will either scare the pants off you or assure you that daring agents like Fredericks are on the job.

From Portland to Pakistan, Colombia to the Caribbean, Fredericks was working hard and playing harder, ripping and running, buying drugs undercover, driving fast cars, arresting felons and fugitives, busting redneck meth labs in remote Oregon sites, raiding clandestine cocaine labs in dense Colombian jungles, training with US Army special forces, investigating heroin traffickers in Pakistan, and working internationally to dismantle worldwide drug distribution organizations.

This memoir is the inside story of decorated Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent, Mike Fredericks.

Warning: This book contains scenes of terrorism and weapons use, drugs and drug trafficking, and torture. It also contains profanity. For adult readers only.

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