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Ask Yourself.

Understand and Unlock Your Psychic Power for Personal & Planetary Healing


Website(s) Rev. Pam Flowerday Website 
Illustrator Ted Jalbert
Genres Non-Fiction
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This exciting award winning guide illuminates the intriguing world of extrasensory perception and how to unlock your psychic power for expanded awareness and accelerated spiritual growth. Flowerday shares her own psychic journey since childhood and coaches with masterful, clear and warm-hearted guidance. Master your own natural abilities with easy step-by-step instructions, full color illustrations, and 16 practice exercises.

With 23 years of professional clairvoyant experience in over 8,000 readings, Flowerday will teach you to:
*Understand your subtle energy system and how your chakras are hardwired for psychic perception;
*Navigate your chakras to enter a psychic space and “read” clairvoyantly;
*Shed cultural conditioning that undermines your psychic experience;
*Release your negative patterns and blocks;
*Manifest transformative change through techniques for personal and planetary healing.

Based in part on the clairvoyant training model of the late Lewis Bostwick (founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute), ASK YOURSELF. reminds us that our answers can be accessed directly through our higher chakras. Learn to navigate your energy system, enter a clairvoyant space, and ask yourself what you want to know. Your answers will find you.

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