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They Called Me Margaret


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Genres Literary Fiction
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Margaret Manning has spent the better part of her life conforming to meet the expectations of other people—first her father, more recently her husband. But when she’s let go from her lucrative job as a drug company compliance director, she decides it’s time to gain a better sense of worth to herself and others and becomes a cozy mystery writer. She dreams of one day owning her own bookstore featuring self-published authors and even has a name picked out—Windy City Indies. But when she perceives her husband is behaving similarly to some of the unscrupulous characters in her books, her dream is jeopardized when she focusses on getting to the bottom of his actions and saving a seemingly eroding marriage.

While abandonment is nothing new to Margaret—she hasn’t seen or heard from her mother since she was six years old—the fear of losing her husband is devastating. As she struggles to find strength to mend her shattered marriage, she must also cope with her daughter’s highly-charged personal issues, a disoriented mother-in-law, and her own health.

Whether Margaret has the wherewithal on her own to get her life on track seems doubtful. But can she trust in the help and support offered by the people who initially tried to sabotage her dreams?

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