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The Kitten


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Sexual crimes against children are a unique type of brutality. They condemn the victim to a lifetime of hell with repercussions that reach far beyond the life of the abuser. We hear about these atrocities all the time and feel powerless to stop them. But what if you could do something? If you could spare even one child the loss of their innocence in such a cruel manner, would you?

The Kitten tells the story of Chelle McCall, a sexual abuse survivor who dedicates her life to hunting pedophiles. As a child, she was assaulted by her grandfather for several years. The trauma of her experience was devastating, but instead of letting it destroy her, she chose to fight back. Now a young woman in her twenties, Chelle is a smart-ass, caffeine-addicted, classic rock-loving serial killer of pedophiles. She works for the Riverside County Sheriff’s department in their Crime Statistics Division and uses this position to identify her targets. Together with her best friend, Parker, a gay mortician from Palm Springs, they track, kill, and dispose of these predators.

Battling the constant anxiety brought on by the pain of her experiences, Chelle puts on her big girl panties and seeks therapy, proving to herself and the criminals she targets that she is strong enough to protect the children who come behind her.

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