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About Laurie Jameson

Laurie Jameson is an administrative paper-pusher by day, a writer by night and, a self-proclaimed book hoarder. While freely admitting she’s a book addict, it’s not an admission of guilt, but rather a badge she proudly displays for all the world to see. (One can never have too many book cases and decorating with books is pure genius.) She does admit to judging potential friends based upon the number of books displayed in their home or the lack thereof. She lives with her 100 lb. chocolate lab who is a massive attention-hound. He controls her life and rules her heart but, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her first novel, The Waystation, won the Illumination Awards 2019 Gold Medal for best Christian fiction in the Enduring Light category; that’s fiction published between the years 2000-2019. The Kitten is her second novel.

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