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The House That Jack Built

(A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups)


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Illustrator Pete Fasolino
Genres Literary Fiction
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Title character Jack is a spoiled, wealthy, entitled, and self-important man who, in all his 30 years, has never lifted a finger or done anything on his own. Out of the blue, he decides to move out of his parents’ estate and into his own house, where his naiveté and arrogance collide in a way that leaves him vulnerable to having his home overrun with hilariously wacky individuals.

Jack had good intentions in declaring his independence from his overbearing, wealthy, and sinister parents. However, he was unprepared for the domino effect of events that would follow.

Jack’s response to the ensuing drama? He hides in the oblivion of alcohol, inside of the house that he built, hoping vaguely that all will be right when the fog clears.

Do Jack’s parents step in to exterminate the parasites from his house and life? Does Jack ever grow up and get his life together? Will his fairy tale end with “happily ever after”?

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