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A Better World


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Genres Literary Fiction
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A Better World tells the stories of three women who find themselves confronted with incredible tragedy, each caught in a world that tramples the vulnerable and forgets the meek.
Civil war rages in Sri Lanka, where Saja watches, powerless, as both her husband and most of her family are lost to the brutality.
Yonna is a talented, Wayuu rug weaver who attends a celebration in her honor that ends in bloodshed.
The beautiful Taraji, who never truly knows the hardship she has left behind in South Africa, is adopted by a loving couple at the age of five. But even Taraji’s distant past comes back to haunt her.
Three women, each with a different tale, share the same courageous fight for survival and an even harder struggle to find love. They leave the turmoil of their homelands to seek a better future but soon discover that loneliness can be found in a crowded room, and wrenching fear in the safest suburb.
Resilience wins each of them a second chance at happiness, but it could all be lost once more if they fail to release the pains of their pasts.

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