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“With the in-and-out of one breath, the course of my life has changed forever.”

Imagine walking unaware into your house and hearing your best friend and your husband arguing in your bedroom about the baby they’ve made.

That’s what happens to Keri Slater, and to top it off, her husband Logan and her best friend Candy are agreeing not to tell Candy’s husband, O.B., without a thought for how Keri might feel. This situation occurs the day before Logan, a combat medic, and O.B. ship out on a tour of duty. It’s the spring of 2014, and both men are part of the last deployments to Afghanistan. Because Keri has little chance to get answers before her husband leaves, she buries herself in caring for her two young children, while making it clear to Candy—whose explanations she refuses to hear—that they are no longer friends.

During painful months of keeping up a good appearance as an army wife and for her children’s sake, Keri contemplates divorcing Logan once he returns home. Then a shocking change of circumstances causes Keri to reassess her loyalties all over again, wondering how she can ever pick up the pieces of her family’s shattered life and put them back together.

As Keri struggles with learning the truth and finding her way forward, her children challenge her to pledge her allegiance to her friends, the way Keri and Logan have always taught them. How can Keri explain to them that pledges can be broken when friends betray you?

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