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Prayer of the Crow


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In 1974 Lucas Harrogate vanishes into the remote highlands of Western Mozambique. Forty years later his weather damaged journal turns up in Scotland.

Lucas writes that he is propped up in a hospital bed at a remote Catholic mission. At this hospital there is neither a phone nor a radio, no clocks or calendars – nothing in the empty ward marks the passage of time. Apart from Beatriz, his friendly but enigmatic nurse, the staff consists of a community of weirdly disengaged nuns.

To make matters worse Lucas is only just recovering from years of amnesia. Nightmare images come to memory: “ice-cold evil” takes the form of a young “missionary” who, despite his appalling death by an enraged elephant, continues to haunt him as a malignant presence. He recalls a nightmare trek where lions, crocodiles, snakes and vultures form the backdrop to a terrifying epiphany.

As he reads Lucas’s account, Adrian Broadbent wonders if it is the true testimony of one of his oldest friends, or a descent into the dark subconscious of colonialism itself.

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