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Return to Taylor’s Crossing


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Illustrator Amber Lanier Nagle
Genres Literary Fiction
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Summer, 1959, in a small Georgia town, dairy worker Abednego Harris, 19, stands out not only for his skillful handling of bulls but because of his color. When Lola James, 17, arrives to do day work for a nearby family, Abednego is smitten. As the two start to fall in love, Lola’s boss takes note and grows uneasy around the beautiful young black woman working in his home. Racial tensions heat up, threatening the world of Abednego and Lola. Will their love survive after a violent attack? This is their story and the story of four others whose lives are forever changed by a hate crime.

“Janie Dempsey Watts is a fine storyteller, weaving her tale of love and loss with scenes from a landscape she knows well. Return to Taylor’s Crossing is a bold and brave story, whose characters you will love.”
–Cassie Dandridge Selleck, author of The Pecan Man

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